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šŸš«RETIREDšŸš« Mud JugĀ© Sticker bomb RoadieĀ©

$29.99 $39.99
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The Mud JugĀ© Sticker BombĀ design is offered exclusively and only by Mud JugĀ©
and include an exclusive inaugural Florida Mud JugĀ© sticker with purchase.
The RoadieĀ© was designed to fit in vehicle cup-holders.
After numerous requests and over 2 years of R&D, the Mud Jugā„¢ Roadie is a perfect fit for those hitting the road. After all, who doesn't dip while they drive?
The Mud Jugā„¢ Roadie holds the same amount of "good" stuff as the original Mud Jugā„¢- 6 ounces

Dimensions 5" tall x 3" diameter body.

Made in AMERICA!!