Here is a grip of real testimonials....you can also check out some of the comments from our 95,000+ Mud Jug Facebook Fans.


My name is SGT Davis. I'm deployed in Afghanistan. I ordered a Confederate Camo Mudjug from ya'll. I just wanted to say thank you very much. It really means a lot to see that people still support us troops. I know there are several people in my platoon that are going to order from ya'll. The product is amazing and I love how it doesn't spill if tipped over! Again, thank you for your support and we are proud to serve for people like you back home! -SGT Davis - Afghanistan   OMG! Darcy I just got my Mudjugs in that mail and they are amazing! Just wanted to thank you for everything you do for the dipping community and myself! BEST PRODUCT IN THE WORLD! Time to pack a hammer and break in the new Mudjugs!

-Eric Duckworth


Just a quick note to say Thank You! I wanted to order a Marpat Camo Mudjug but found that there was no option to buy on the website. After contacting your company to inquire, I received an email in a very prompt manner, notifying me that the oversight had been fixed on the website and I was able to purchase one. I am very happy with your product and have purchased several already. The functionality makes it a no-brainer purchase but the designs make it so much more a 'must have'. I am so impressed with the customer service; you guys are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Keep up the great work and I will be sure to continue to send business your way. All us black-spittin' bastards here in Chicago-land area say THANK YOU for all you do! Thanks again and SEMPER FI!

-Former SGT. Dan "Dickie" Donovan, USMC


Well I put my mudjug to the truest test the other day. I ended up rolling my truck at speeds of about 40mph. My mudjug sits in the center of my 79 silverado where the shifter used to be before I converted it to auto for off roading. Anyway I flipped over a median and it was in the floor on the passenger side. It was still upright and not a drop spilled. I grabbed it when I got out of my truck and the first thing I did was say "haha it didn't spill!!" Its been named as my lucky truckjug. It was in a truck overseas and survived two direct explosions and rollovers. Thank you for a great product again. Just thought I would share that story with you. I would just like to share anonymously outside of this email.



I received a Mud Jug as a deployment gift from my wife. See, I am a US Army infantryman so naturally I dip. She gave it to me just before I went off for round two in Iraq. When we are on those long convoy's, crammed inside our vehicles like sardines, there is just no where to spit without hittin' somebody. With my new Mud Jug, I had no worries. I have carried this thing through some pretty rough times all through the middle east and when the fire fights are all over, me and my Mud Jug are still there, waiting for more. It's a tough little guy I'll say that. God bless. Hoorah!

-Staff Sgt. Bill W. US Army-Iraq

The other day I set my brass Mudjug on the roof of my Bronco, to load my daughter into the truck. I drove away completely forgeting that my jug was up there, hitting over four speed bumps (doing about 40 in a 25). Surprisingly nobody told me it was on the roof? I pulled onto the main street and got up to about 50 when I heard something rattling on my roof... I wonder what that could be hmmm...? All of a sudden my Mudjug goes flying past my window and hits the street. Spit flying everywhere! The lid goes in one direction and the jug in the other. Im thinking, "Damn there goes money down the drain". I watched in terror as a honda civic RAN OVER MY MUDJUG and spit it onto the median. I parked and ran over to check the damages. I was certain I would have to order a new one. To my surprise it was completely intact!! Just a bunch of scratches! lol! I wanted to share that little story with ya and commend you on how durable and amazing your product is. If it can take a stomp from an import, then it can take anything! Thanks again Darcy!

-Michael La Monda - Albuquerque, New Mexico


If you have ever lived with/been around a "dipper" you've probably thought you had a nice beverage until it was TOO LATE (speaking for me and my kids...YUCK)! But since my husband saw his friends' Mud Jug, it has been love at first sight (including me)! He doesn't have to worry about me complaining about him dipping...I don't mind at all now! Thanks a million!!

-Connie R. Florien, Louisiana


I received a Mud Jug for my birthday. I only have to have one beer can out now, so I no longer have to look inside a can before I take a drink of my beer. This has really taken a load off of me. Thank you Mud Jug!

-Brian K. - Archdale, North Carolina


My friend had been using your product for a few months and finally talked me into getting one. Got the brass mud jug (a mini version of my dad's real brass one) and couldn't be happier. Where have you been all these years?

Scott B. - Birmingham, Alabama


Can't tell you how many times my kids have almost tried to take a sip of my "soda". No chance of that happening anymore. Great product. Go Longhorns!

Dave M. - Austin, Texas


The wife couldn't stand all my plastic cups laying around. Not to mention a spill here and there (of course, not my fault). This is perfect around the house and fits perfect in my truck cupholder. I even take it into stores. People are always asking about it.

Ron S. - Bend, Oregon


I was skeptical at first, but decided to try the Mud Jug and bought one. Ain't never going back to cups. My girlfriend thinks it's attached to my hand. Told her that's why God gave me two. Great product and fast shipping. Thanks.

Dave B. - Truckee, California


You could charge $50 a piece for these things! I'm a believer and so are all my friends. I got a black one and had one of my friends trick it out with airbrushing. Thanks for making a killer product.

Derek A. - Green Bay, Wisconsin


I laughed when I read "no more red-neck racing stripes". I can relate. I gotta white pickup that always had the "stripes". Not anymore since I got the mud jug. The product has paid for itself many times over. Only have to take my truck to the car wash every OTHER month now. Thanks.

Bob C. - Big Fork, Montana


Have already knocked over the Mud Jug several times. Each time expecting to see a spill but, "knock on wood", none yet. Durable product. Love it. Had to order a second for backup. Keep up the good work.

Rick T. - El Centro, California


My girlfriend has a love-hate relationship towards my new Mud Jug. She loves it because I don't use her coffee mugs anymore. But she hates it because I take my Mud Jug more places and caress it more than I do her. Oh well, there's many more fish in the sea. Just don't take away my Mud Jug. Thanks for a great product!

Jeff B. - Olive Branch, Mississippi


You should see how sweet my black, 1981 Jeep CJ5 looks with my chrome Mud Jug. Draws a lot of good attention if you know what I mean. Never leave home without my Mud Jug. Jeeps rule!

Tom Y. - Memphis, Tennessee


I got the fedex delivery confirmation while at work. I immediately notified my "Super" that I was deathly ill and had to go home. Upon arrival, I unwrapped the greatest single creation that any dipper can ask for. Its untippable base and stylish good looks has made me a Mud Jugger for life!

Matthew White - Watervliet, NY