Top 10 Questions

1. Can I order a custom/personalized Mud Jug? 

Not unless you order several hundred and even then, it's unlikely.  

2. Can you send me a free Mud Jug? 

Not unless you purchase a Limited Edition Mud Jug (Classic or Roadie) that comes with a free Basic color Mud Jug (Classic or Roadie) of your choice. Would Bass Pro Shops give you free merchandise if you ask them nicely?  

3. I didn't receive a tracking number for my order, where can I find it? 

Check your email and/or spam folder for an email from us, Mudjug, That contains your United States Postal Service (USPS) or Fedex tracking information. If you received your order confirmation email from us then you WILL get a 2nd email with your tracking number when your package is shipped. Why would someone order something online then not check their email for a tracking number? Please check your email before you call us.  

4. How long does it take to receive my Mud Jug?

Three to Five (3-5) Business Days depending on where in the US you live. Canadian orders usually take 3-5 Business Days, however, Canada Customs may delay the package delivery time.

5. Do you ship to Military addresses (APO/AE) overseas? 

YES! Enter the appropriate information during the checkout process. We support the troops! **REMEMBER - No matter what Country you are stationed in, as long as you have APO

6. Do you ship to Canada and how much does it cost? 

YES! We charge a flat rate of $24.95 to ship to Canada. Change the "Country" from US to Canada during the checkout process to enter your information.  Canada Packages ship with FedEx Express International. A Tracking # will be emailed to you once we ship the package out of our warehouse.

7. Can you bring back one of the "retired" Mud Jugs? 

Not gonna happen. When we retire a Mud Jug, it's gone forever. DO NOT bother asking!!!   

8. Can you make a larger/smaller Mud Jug? 

Nope. Mud Jugs are the size they are and they are staying that way!   

9. How do I remove the funnel from my Mud Jug without spilling it? 

When you first get your Mud Jug, the funnel will be quite tight. They will loosen up after a while. Hold your Mud Jug with two hands. Put both thumbs on the bottom edge of the funnel closest to your body. Push up on the bottom edge of the funnel with both thumbs. If the funnel does not come off, rotate the Mud Jug a little and push up on the bottom edge of the funnel in the spot. Continue to do this until the funnel comes off. If you still can't get the funnel off, then you better hit the gym! 

10. Can you make a (fill in the blank with one of the millions of copyrighted and trademarked logos/teams/companies) Mud Jug? 

Nope! Copyrights and trademarks are there for a other people don't use them without permission!