• Dixie Mud Jug™
  • Dixie Mud Jug™

Dixie Mud Jug™

$29.95 $39.95 • 80 in stock

Add A Discounted Basic($9.95)

Help us send spitters to our troops overseas. Select the "Buy To Donate To Our Troops" button to add a Discounted Basic (+$9.95) to your order, and we'll send your donated Mudjug to a service member.

The Dixie Mud Jug™ was created to show support for Southern Pride, Heritage, History, and Values. With all the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag, we want our customers to know that Mud Jug™ does not succumb to what society deems as "appropriate". We do what we want and say what we want. That is the American way! Add a discounted basic for only $9.95 more!
This Mud Jug™ design has a high gloss clear coat finish.

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