About Us

In May of 2005, three friends got together to create a product that would fill a need of every smokeless tobacco user in America. From the humble beginnings of three guys assembling spittoons by hand out of a residential garage, to a full-fledged manufacturing plant based in Southern California, Mud Jug epitomizes the American dream of hard work, honesty, quality and value. Every Mud Jug has been, and will continue to be 100% made in the United States of America.

The Team

Darcy Compton, President

Darcy grew up as a small donkey on a farm in Alberta, Canada.

He first began the fine art of dippin' at the ripe old age of 10 when he stumbled upon a stash of his dad's Hawken Wintergreen in a toolbox in the barn. After getting sick a few too many times, Darcy kicked the habit at 10 1/2.

Eight years later, while working a long Alberta winter as a roughneck on the drilling rigs, Darcy fell off the wagon and began dippin tobacco once again. He needed something to help pass the time and keep his mind off the freezing weather. Many a time, Darcy found himself day dreaming about escaping the cold and moving to sunny California. Well a few years later, Darcy finally left Canada and moved back to the "land of opportunity" where his Grandparents came from. Good Ol' America. The BEST country there is, of course.

One day while enjoying a round of golf with a few buddies, Darcy met a crazy guy named Jeff. As most dippers know, when you see someone enjoying a fat pinch of dip, it's pretty easy to strike up a conversation. Jeff and Darcy not only had dippin' in common but they also discussed the lack of available spitters. Needless to say, the rest is history.

Jeff, VP Operations

Jeff was conceived in 1971 as a 7 foot tall Japanese baby. Born with a rare disease.....he has been shrinking since birth. Jeff began dippin Cope at 19 and is still going strong. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (SoCal), Jeff spent the majority of his youth paddling out on his surfboard at every opportunity. As a matter of fact, he even skipped out on his final two weeks of high school due to a rumor of a huge swell from Mexico to Santa Cruz. Well, the rumor was true and in exchange for a diploma, he got to experience some of the best waves to ever hit the California coast.

He eventually went back and got his G.E.D. (diploma), took a handful of college courses and got certified as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Then it was off to the state of Oregon for him. He spent a couple years as an EMT but then felt the urge to fight some flames and became a Wildland Firefighter. Here's where Jeff was introduced to skydiving, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, white water rafting and best of all...dipping! After a few years, Jeff packed a freshy in his lip, grabbed his log of cope and moved back to SoCal. To this day, he still keeps in touch with all his hill-billy, red-neck, honkey buddies up in Oregon.

Today, at 42 years-old, he stands at only 4'11" and still enjoys Putting a Dipski in his Lipski.

Garrett, VP Sales

Garrett started dippin’ in his dirty diapers...and is still packin’ hammers today. He was born and raised in the Inland Empire (SoCal) where all he cared about was playing sports and doing crazy white boy stuff (Snowboarding, Dirtbikes, Off-Road racing, Skydiving, Wakeboarding, Street luge, anything to get an adrenaline rush). Once he graduated High School he took on several college classes in Criminal Justice until he decided to leave sunny California and head to Wyoming. Out in Wyoming, Garrett ventured away from the typical Cali lifestyle to live in the mountains and the only thing he cared about was Guns, Dip, Rodeos, and Hunting. With all of his Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice knowledge, Garrett became a Bail Bonds Man in The State of Wyoming and loved every minute of it. After living in Cody, Wyoming for a couple years it was time to come back to California to be a part of the Mud Jug Family.

Chris, VP Social Media Marketing

Chris was born in sunny San Diego in 1943. The first 65 years of his life were a total waste....he wondered across the country, from town to town, with a backpack and a ukulele singing Disney movie theme songs aloud to those that would listen. On his 66th birthday, he woke himself up next to a dumpster and said to himself..."what the heck am I doing!" Energized and thankful that one of his 14 grandsons was a top plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, he went under the knife to regain the youthful appearance that was lost somewhere along his theatrical, roadside journey.

In 2009, the alias 'Chrisdips1' was born. After destroying the “one ring” at Mount Doom, he returned home where he dipped the finest snuff in the Shire. He then started making dip videos on YouTube. Chrisdips1 used his video editing skills to entertain his audience by utilizing his wild humor, physical gyrations and trusty mythical sidekick named “Red”, the Red Bandana Mud Jug. Being an avid dipper, Chris knew the importance and functionality of always having a Mud Jug on hand. Well...this little shenanigan drew the attention of the infamous Darcy from MudJug1 and a friendship began. 

Here we are, 5 years later and Chrisdips1 is now a part of the Mud Jug family, living his American Dream.

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