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Storm Raider Shocker T-Shirt Mud Jug

Storm Raider Shocker T-Shirt


The Mud Jug© Storm Raider Shocker T-Shirt:

The Mud Jug Tempest Wave Tee sails in as the stunning counterpart to our "Storm Raider" collection, celebrating the bold release of the Samurai Storm limited hydro film pattern. This T-shirt, emblazoned with the fierce power of oceanic waves and the relentless energy of a tempest, is a tribute to the indomitable will of those who command the high seas.

Crafted with the fearless spirit of the adventurer in all of us, this tee is woven from the fabric of resilience. The intricate artwork, showcasing waves that speak of both beauty and danger, represents the Mud Jug legacy—a story of enduring the unyielding forces of nature and time.

The Tempest Wave Tee comes in a deep, enigmatic black—a nod to the mysterious depths of the sea. Made from superior quality cotton, this shirt is not only a garment but a shield, offering comfort and style in equal measure. It stands as a limited edition emblem of the Mud Jug community's solidarity with the valiant spirit of warriors past and present.

Limited in release but unlimited in spirit, the Mud Jug Tempest Wave Tee is a wearable piece of art. It's an invitation to embrace the storms of life with the heart of a warrior. Wear it as a badge of honor, and let it be known that you stand with the bravest, ready to face the tempest's roar.

• Fabric laundered
• Set-in CVC 1x1 baby rib collar
• Side seams
• Tear away label
Meets S&S Sustainable Materials & Socially Conscious Manufacturing criteria